81 Accidents-Killian Parkway police report – Updated Aug. 1 – Sept. 14, 2011

The lack of safety on Killian Parkway is growing as evidenced by this updated police accident report showing 81 accidents on Killian Parkway.  MDX (Miami-Dade Expressway Authority) needs to act much faster than it has to prevent more accidents.  Some suggestions by Roll Back Tolls would include: better communication with the driving public (e-mail Sun Pass users, more direct mail, etc.),  install cameras at intersection to study accident patterns, improve signage.

The situation is un-acceptable.  We need action today before there are fatalities on this Monster Roadway by MDX.

Carlos Garcia

Miller Myers

Non-paid volunteers


Click Here To View Full Accident Report

Killian Parkway Accident Report

81 accidents on Killian Parkway - Aug. 1 through Sept. 14, 2011


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