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The mission of RollBackTolls.com is to re- establish ownership, authority and accountability of roads currently owned by MDX, back to the citizens of Miami-Dade County. RollBackTolls.com seeks to become a point of communication, education and watchdog in this process.  

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  1. Mario says:

    I totally agree tolls are going up everywhere and no sings of stopping. My story of how greedy MDX is…. just recently they terminated my sun pass because of another transponder I had years before that got stolen I called immediately but not before they the people who took it used up what little I had and ran it to the negative well turn out they wanted me to pay the negative balance. I told them it was stolen and that they need to cancel it. I told them im not going to pay for something I didn’t do and to get rid of it. well low an behold to present day that sun pass which has not been in my hand for years now got charged again, and due to non payment they canceled my current transponder which has been in good standing since I got it until I paid the negative balance on the other one.. Where is the fair in that I work pay my taxes and now I have to shell out more money for something I didn’t do!! Granted it 14 bucks and some change but it’s the principal of the whole thing. In any case turn out that because I didn’t pay my negative balance of the stolen transponder they could not report it stolen…*facepalm* I tried taking no toll road but everywhere I looked there’s a new one or going up. The 878 which has been toll free since I could remember going to US1 now has a toll… in all wee need to do something about MDX they don’t care about the people all they care about is the money. Not to mention the unexplained construction on toll roads. the new exit that lead to 137th had construction about a year ago then opened up during the summer and now back again I don’t see any sign of people even being there or anything that they are even working one its just odd to see the same set up as the year before I mean how much work does that one corner really need. In all everyone needs to write the governor to let them know we the people are not happy with MDX. I’m pretty sure they are ripping off the people of Florida of their hard earned money.

    • Luis Valencia says:

      These Tolls are a REAL RIP-OFF IN FLORIDA and across the USA. I REFUSE to use them, EVEN if I have to go longer roads. The OWNERS/managers/administrators, WHATEVER they are, their ONLY OBJECTIVE is to MAXIMIZE PROFITS. To HELL with the rest of us. AND THIS IS THE TRUTH (PERIOD). SIGN-UP AND LET’S CONTROL THEM. WE ARE SICK AND TIRED OF THEM.

  2. Me says:

    We need to protest the mdx people, the added 2 tolls less than a mile apart on the freeway from us1…..please let us collect emails to stop these madness.

  3. nick says:


    I got 5 uniform traffic citations dated 4/28/2011. I received the citations
    apprx. august 10 2011. Now unless my math has gotten pretty bad,
    that is 4 month time frame.
    I paid the tickets along with the rest of my tolls.

    New invoice received sept. 19 2011/due date 10/4/2011.This a 15 day grace THANKS!! 1 toll 3.00 1 admin. charges 2.50. This is a one month time frame.

    You are receiving this invoice for toll transactions listed.
    Please pay the total amount due by the due date to
    prevent incurring additional fees, or potential citations
    issued by the florida department of transportation.




    • adminboss says:


      We understand your frustration. It sound like you got a bill for toll by plate, right? You must not have a SunPass. MDX really rips you if you don’t buy into ‘their” system. They have massive problems with the toll by plate system. We have heard from countless people with many different complaints.
      Generally, if you call the customer service department at MDX they will sometimes waive the processing fees and any penalties. They will try to push you to buy a Sun Pass so they can get their money faster and never have to hear from you again. You could also look around their website http://www.mdx-way.com
      Hope this helps.

  4. Damian says:

    I just finished paying a uniform traffic citation of $245. I received the citation in December of 2012. They billed me transactions dating 9/22/2011… it states a history of opportunities of payments which is a lie. I never received any notice. I just paid for it because i don’t have the time… what do we have a sunpass for? Why are we letting MDX scam us? I tried calling MDX customer service and they were the rudest people. Worst than credit card companies!! What was wrong with the toll system we had before?

  5. alejandro ferras says:

    totally agree with you guys…..sign me up for your petition…thank you for fighting back…..

  6. CARLOS H. GARCIA says:

    please contact me to see how this can be stopped. is a petition needed to be signed and generated to have people sign against this. if so contact me i will participate in getting one signed so it can be presented to MDX showing that we are against the new tolls on the Palmetto expressway. i recieved a ticket for toll violations telling me that i owe almost $300. they say that i was sent numerous letters to my attention. never saw any letters sent to me about this matter except the one with the ticket for the $300, how convienent this one gets to me but none of the so called others ever did. ian i still live at the same address for 11 years. so to court i set the ticket. i really think something has to be done and i will help if needed. please contact me.
    Carlos H. Garcia

  7. Rafael Compte says:

    I totally agree with all of you , if you read their message for each board meeting it seeems they don’t want anyone that will disagree with them. I am not sure what spiked their drink, but they are in a position to serve the county if not they should be voted or expelled from their post. These people think they have an authority over us, and we are the ones paying their salaries. This is wrong in principle in so many ways it should make everyone paying sick of them.

    Please write back with your comments,


  8. Mike Duchrow says:

    Same thing. My wife just received a notice from a collection agency for $268.94. After digging, MDX claims they weren’t paid for $9.10 in tolls on the Gratigny even though I have a Sunpass that keeps a constant positive balance. They claim to have sent numerous notices to our house. That’s simply not true. Then they send a collection agency letter and supposedly now it’s too late to fight in the courts. You cant even get a chance to be heard. Just shut the F*^* up and pay. This is a scam and must be stopped.


    The Sunpass and MDX combo is the biggest rip-off there is in Miami. For the last 30 years I have been here, the state has had a no gouging law in place on anything that is arbitrarily raised and that may hurt consumers. The biggest gouger of all are the tolls. Try it yourself. Do not pay a $1.00 toll and the next invoice is $25.00, the next is $43.00 the next is 60+, and in less than 90 days you are in the hundreds. Let a couple of these tolls go and you may wind up owing the clerk of courts in the couple of thousands. So lets get back to my original thought: The State Prohibits gouging with fines and penalties that may include money and jail time, but the State can charge from a $1.00 toll to a fine way over the 2,500% of its value. Whats wrong with this picture? Heaven forbid the geniusus at MDX and Sunpass hook up their systems so that they make sense, don’t steal money from the public and please STOP putting tolls after every exit on the damm roads!

  10. Bob Johnson says:

    The Florida Toll-By-Plate system that the state has implemented is a total scam. After a recent trip to Key West from Georgia, we received an invoice from TBP for a number of charges when we apparently passed through the mystery Sunpass toll. Every time I came to a toll plaza I made sure that I went thorough the change lane and paid in cash just so I wouldn’t have to deal with getting charged later by TBP. Well apparently they have hidden cameras and don’t tell you that you are going through a toll and then send you an invoice. I was surprised at the number of “tolls” that I didn’t even know I went through and that’s in addition to the ones I paid in cash. About a month after I paid for the invoice I get another invoice for one toll that I apparently went through on the trip. It was for $1.28 with another $2.50 added for “Current Fees / Charges”. This is on top of the $2.50 I paid in “fees” on the first invoice. I don’t know how many more invoices I will receive for the trip but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more to come. This is the government that holds all of the cards and can keep charging you without giving the consumer a chance to validate the charges and will take legal action (suspend your license, etc.) if you don’t pay. There is no way that I can dispute these “tolls” because I have no idea when or where the charges were incurred. This is a government that is out of control.

  11. J. Luera says:

    It is clear that the great majority of our tax dollars is currently spent on new tolls and maintaining current toll roads, all this as our current free highways are crumbling. I-95 is a mess, and literally a death trap. It is disappointing how states, including Florida, have sold out not only themselves, but the citizens that they “vowed” to serve when taking office. Tolls are becoming a huge problem nationwide and it is interesting what is happening in other states and to see the behind-the-scenes cronyism that takes place (texasturf.org). Not even communists charge their subjects to pay for using their roadways.

  12. Don says:

    If these tolls are for MDX roads, why is there a toll on the NW 87 St. on ramp for 826?

    I never get onto 836, why am I charged a toll?

  13. Orin Smith says:

    Yes I do think that this MDX thing is really a scam, how can you send out notices to someone for a toll with their knowledge that they even entered a toll road, I received two of them in the mail at different dates from when I was in Miami and was not even aware that I went through two tolls one if them yes but not two the first one shows my vehicle the second one just my license plate as if though they took a copy from the first one so they can collect more revenue, I am appalled at how the city of Miami could even encourage this kind of scam to exist, make me feel like I should not visit that city anymore or drive in it.

  14. Steve says:

    Went to Florida for a family vacation at Christmas. Got a Toll-by-plate invoice in January for $8.50. Not a big deal so I paid it. Now I get another bill for $11.00 saying I did not pay the previous bill – which I did pay. I was on hold for a long time to try to get this resolved and then they were no help. Rather than chance dealing with the stupidity and frustrations in the future I’m thinking it will be easier to NEVER vacation in Florida again.

  15. Judy says:

    I live in Pinellas County and traveled to Tampa for the State Fair on 2/12/15. At that time I had never heard of a toll-by-plate program. I received an invoice for 76 cent toll and a $2.50 administrative fee (total $3.26) so I paid the toll via my credit union’s Bill Pay program which keeps great documentation on file. It was paid by a check issued by the credit union on my behalf. Today, I received another invoice from them for the same trip but this time it was for $1.87 plus the $2.50 administrative fee. At no time during my trip did I see any sign or notice that the road I travelled was a “toll-by-plate” road. My daughter, who does go to Tampa occasionally told me what the invoice was for. (At first, I thought they were accusing me of running a toll booth without paying.)

    If there are multiple tolls on a specific route, why aren’t there signs informing the driver that they are on a toll road and will be bill via mail? The second invoice included a black box with a tiny area of white which is supposed to be my license plate. I think there was a better picture on the in initial invoice. This appears to be reuse of the photo to charge me a second time. If there are multiple tolls, they should be billed by the date all at one time and charge one administration fee. Since the initial bill didn’t come for a month, I am sure that is an easy task to accomplish.

    Another thing – nowhere on the site can I find a way to look up the invoice for an explanation of the charges (i.e., would like to see a map of where I was when I was charged.) There is no way to provide feedback or ask questions unless you want to call them. Beings this is Saturday, there is no one there to answer if I did call.

    This system is literally “Highway Robbery” and I think we need to get this fixed. Is there any effort to bring this up to our congress? Please let me know if there is anything going on about this issue to resolve it. For all I know, they may start sending me one bill a month after this one is paid. What a ripoff!!

    Thanks for letting me vent.

  16. tunaman says:

    MDX & FL. D.O. T. raise tolls & create express lanes & traffic remains the same ” GRIDLOCK ” ! By the time construction is completed ( years of torn up traffic lanes ) it is out of date . How often do you travel blocked off lanes ( miles of traffic barricades ) & NO WORK IN PROGRESS ? Instead of catering to the tax paying public they cater to the BIG , RICH CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES ! Sign the petition & TAKE BACK OUR ROADS & HIGHWAYS & DEMAND OUR GOV’T SPEND OUR TAX DOLLARS RESPONSIBLY ( FOR A CHANGE ) !

  17. Joe wop says:

    Should be at least one booth to pay cash for even if it’s automated
    We are a car dealer with about 15 dealer plates can’t buy transponders for all plates and keep track of them . Had friend come visit from out of town expecting to pay 4 dollars in tolls cost him 30 for not getting a transponder from rental co. Toll stopped taking cash 2 weeks before . These guys are out of controll and must be stopped

  18. Jeff Redding says:

    Is the toll money generated part of the FDOT’s $10 Billion Annual Budget.

    Does the FDOT care more about Contractor Profits than Pedestrian Safety? Please help us stop the FDOT from fraudulently representing the ADA to justify obstructing our Pedestrian Right of Way. My Profile Pic shows one of the 73 street light posts in the middle of the Bee Ridge Road Sidewalk. Utility Posts should be in the Utility Strip, not the middle of the sidewalk. duh…
    -vision impaired disabled veteran
    The “Pedestrians Lives Matter” Campaign

  19. t ioo many tols in 836. trafic

  20. Too many tols on 836. the traffic goes to steet adyacents too avoid pament.

  21. Sandy says:

    I agree, they need to be watched.

    They sent me a picture of a car, with what they said was my tag. The tag they were referring to belonged to a motorcycle, not a car. I had to go to the tag agency for documents to prove this, and even with that, they rejected my dispute.

    I was already thinking about contacting my lawyer, and luckily, they changed their minds the last time I called them. It took me various calls to get them to change their minds on this.

    I was lucky that tag use to belong to a motorcycle. I can only imagine how tough it would have been to right the situation, had I owned a car prior with that tag.

    I don’t trust me. Not one bit.

  22. We on the Eastside of Greater Seattle area feel your pain. Visit our blog at http://stop405tolls.org

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