Bad Singage Misdirects- re-printed from Miami Herald, Dec. 27

On Monday, Dec. 13, I was traveling southbound on the Palmetto Expressway and drove south of Bird Road.  I had to get to Dixie Highway, but unfortunately the expressway signage was poor.  I was forced over to the left, which caused me to drive onto State Road 874, the toll road, which I had no intention of doing. The very poor signage to direct southbound motorists which way to go (left or right) on the Palmetto Expressway south of Bird Road had me going left, which was the way I didn’t want to go.

I believe that I will be forced to pay a toll, which I haven’t received notice of yet.  Both the Florida Department of Transportation and the MDX Authority share the blame for this poor signage, which will rip off motorists (including tourists or local residents) for the next few months.

Very poor planning was done to allow this construction issue to happen on a very busy roadway, especially in a community that is home to hundreds of thousands of nonnative English speakers, or people living in Florida only part-time who might not know the local roads.

If this is the best our governmental agencies can do, perhaps these organizations should be abolished, or they certainly need new oversight.

Kenneth Newman, North Miami

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