Call our new “Tollation” Hotline 530-408-6557 and tell us how you feel about MDX tolls!

Call our new "Tollation" Hotline 530-408-6557!We are happy to now give you a new way to let us know exactly how you feel about the MDX tolls in Miami-Dade County.  Call our “Tollation Hotline”  at 530-40TOLLS and leave your comments.   We will be publishing them on our website!  All calls will be reviewed prior to posting.

Speak up with your comments, ideas, complaints or compliments concerning MDX.

You will remain anonymous  and we will not contact you, unless you want us to.

Go for it!

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3 Responses to Call our new “Tollation” Hotline 530-408-6557 and tell us how you feel about MDX tolls!

  1. dave o. says:

    Please stop the government from stealing money from innocent tax paying citizens. Enough is enough. When is common sense and trust going to be reestablished in todays politics. Your recent road tolls on the 874 and 878 are totally ridiculous and I don’t even travel on them that much.

    • adminboss says:

      Yes, enough is enough! The MDX tolls are nothing but a backdoor tax impossed on Miami-Dade commuters with no voter approval or consideration. MDX will be quick to point out that you don’t have to take “their” roads when alternatives are available. This is true on the 874 and 878 where you can take Kendall Drive to the Palmetto. But when you want to go East, to say Downtown from Kendall or West Dade you are pretty much stuck with the 836 expressway. No real choice there. Call our “Tollation Hotline” and voice your opinion or comment. 530-408-6557. Thanks for the post.

  2. Nelson Andrade says:

    I would be for the toll increase if the MPH speed limit is raised to 85. Clearly, this request is as absurd as the toll increase for better roads, etc.!!! If we need better roads there are other ways of raising taxes on consumer purchases like tires, motor oil, rims…things that we use on our vehicles that would utilize the roads, not our roads for traveling purposes. Perhaps, a tax on people who ACTUALLY DRIVE according to the legal terminology for merchandise deliveries, taxi’s, pay-per-hire chauffeurs, etc. Bad idea to raise tolls. Maybe citizens should hold an uprising on these and other force-fed government agendas!!!

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