Construction on Express Lanes Start on Turnpike from Killian Drive to Sunset and beyond.

Tollmageddon Hits Kendall

Electronic road sign“Major impacts are anticipated on Kendall Drive, where traffic will be shifted and lanes will be narrowed for extended periods as the entrance ramps to the Turnpike are reconfigured.”

The Florida Turnpike Enterprise announces construction of northern leg of their Express Lane widening from Killian Drive (SW 104th street) north to Sunset Drive (SW 72nd street).  The highway will be widened from  6 lanes to ten lanes to accommodate new express lanes (aka Lexus Lanes) on the inside portion of the road.

A small but important victory for Roll Back Tolls and the Kendall/Devon Aire community.

Last year Roll Back Tolls was instrumental in organizing a heavy opposition to the Florida Turnpike’s proposal to build an express lane access ramp at the Killian Parkway overpass next to a school and residential homes.

Turnpike notice about express lane construction in Kendall.

Carlos Garcia with State Rep. Frank Artiles

Carlos Garcia with State Representative, Frank Artiles at Oct. 3rd Turnpike meeting in Kendall.

With the help of state representative Frank Artiles and former FDOT secretary Ananth Prasad, a terrible idea was defeated.  We continue to thank representative Artiles for listening and representing his constituents.  Also, we commend former FDOT secretary Prasad for his access and engagement during this process.

Our group was able to expose that the FTE had done little to no research on the safety and traffic impacts to the Devon Aire K-8 school, surrounding neighborhoods and general West Kendall area.

We are thankful that common sense and logic prevailed in this instance.

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One Response to Construction on Express Lanes Start on Turnpike from Killian Drive to Sunset and beyond.

  1. Jane Walker says:

    South of this area, they put out a push poll asking residents if they would find an on-ramp convenient (on 104 Street). The poll failed to mention that the ramp would funnel drivers into express lanes, where they would be trapped until they got to the 836.

    Now they are doing this in the Sunset area. Sad … very sad.

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