Drivers avoiding new MDX(Miami-Dade Expressway Authority) tolls on 874 and 878 in Kendall.

This comes as no surprise to anyone. People are protesting by avoiding these overpriced toll roads. And well they should!

Even with the drop in drivers using the highway, MDX is still realizing increased revenue, up to 25% more.

We still maintain that MDX, Miami-Dade Expressway Authority, should “Roll Back” toll rates because of this increase in revenue. Perhaps it would lure back some angry drivers that are avoiding their roads.

Back door Toll Rate Increase:
Additionally the board of directors should not every entertain the idea of increasing toll rates for a long time. Say for around 10 years or so sounds about right. They have 25% more revenue since closing the 874 and 878 with all electronic tolling. Please MDX, we don’t want to hear you cry poor. If anyone should, it’s the toll payers.

Carlos Garcia

Click this link to read the story from the Kendall Gazette on Jan. 6th.
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