E mailing Sun Pass users- An idea that’s long overdue.

RollBackTolls.com, your information leader re: toll roads in South Florida, recently proposed to Gus Pego of FDOT (as we did to MDX back in September),  a simple no-cost way to “get the word out” to SunPass users.  FDOT already has e-mail addresses in its data base for all it’s credit card rechargeable customers.  As an example, the turnpike is getting ready to eliminate toll plazas in favor of ORT (open road tolling).  FDOT is spending considerable monies on radio and other advertising to “get the word out”.  Gus Pego thought this no-cost informational tool, a great idea.  Now it’s time to implement that idea.  SunPass has an obligation to “get the word out” for any news or proposed changes in rates or routes in its system.  We at RollBackTolls.com look for a January 2011 commencement of that ‘great idea’.

We were very encouraged by the dialogue on this topic between MDX and DOT at the Dec. 7th MDX finance committee meeting.

Miller Myers,



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