Everglades Expressway Meeting

Here comes MDX again.  Now floating their idea of extending the 836 west to Krome Avenue and south to SW 136th Street.  Right against the Miami-Dade urban development boundary (UDB).

836 expantion meeting notice Eng Sept 4 836 expantion meeting notice Spanish

At this meeting the public can expect to find a lot of pictures, diagrams and happy people talking about how great this will be!   No opportunity for public comment, except a survey card, that gets filed away.  We’ve been to enough of these “white wash” MDX meetings to know what it’s really about.  The absolute minimum of PR is all MDX has to do so they can say they had the meetings.

map of 836 Everglades ExpresswayThis diagram shows four route alternatives that the MDX study is considering.  The red one would go south along Krome Avenue to an area around SW 136th Street.

MDX Project Fact Sheet

Some in Kendall have expressed support for the idea of this extension.  In particular Commissioner Juan Zapata spoke favorably about the plan at a Greater Kendall Business Association meeting in 2013.   But what Commissioner Zapata and many West Kendall Residents don’t realize is that the round trip toll from from this extension to the airport or downtown could approach anywhere from $5.00 to $10.00 by the time its done and the new toll hikes go into effect at the end of this year on the 836 Dolphin Expressway and 112 Airport Expressway.


Transit Miami has a great post with plenty of nice charts and stats about the MDX southwest SR 836 extension.

MDX Your Toll Dollars at Work Here


How long will we continue to allow big corporations and special interest to decimate the Everglades?  Enough is enough!

Hope to see you on Thursday!









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  1. martin dureiko says:

    not really in favor, but I will keep an open mind in case something that comes out of this makes sense. It’s Krome ave not chrome-I think named after the krome family.

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