Kendall Gazette Article About First Roll Back Tolls Meeting

Click here to read the article.

Click here to read the article.

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4 Responses to Kendall Gazette Article About First Roll Back Tolls Meeting

  1. Ron Beasley says:

    So, let me understand, please: Are you (RollBackTolls), or are you not, in favor of abolishing the MDX and rolling back these illegal tolls? My take from the Gazette story is that you — RollBackTolls — want to “watchdog” this illegal agency and, if it falls within your parameters of satisfaction, you are willing to work with it. And that is sheer nonsense. We have a Dept of Transportation that is charged with running our state highway system and if that agency is not doing the job, we should correct it. Setting up an autonomous agency like the MDX to operate our county expressways is not the best or most efficient way to run our local highways. Miami-Dade County is a part of the State of Florida. It is not a separate state, though many seem to think that it is, or should be.

  2. Mauricio Duran says:

    The citizens of Miami-Dade County voted to have tolls in place to help defer the cost of updating the highways. I voted against this and lost. What I see wrong is that the burden of paying tolls has been placed on Kendall and South Dade Citizens. I drive all over the county and don’t see any tolls in the Hialeah, Doral, Miami Lakes, North Miami, or other communities. In addition to this, the vote left it tolls unlimited time. This is what was essentially wrong with the bill. I say, reduce the cost per mile of the tolls and place a time restriction so that the road improvements are paid for and then remove the tolls.

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