Kendall Gazette article about new tolls on 874/878

Kendall Gazette article by Miller Myers 8-2010

I encourage you to read this article by a concerned Kendall resident regarding the new tolls on 874/878.  We thank the editor and staff of the Community Newspapers for giving this important issue the recognition it deserves.  As more people become aware of our mission I am sure other local media outlets will publish articles and the concerns of our community.

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One Response to Kendall Gazette article about new tolls on 874/878

  1. Miller Myers says:

    “If you see a neighbors ass or oxen fallen in the road, you must not ignore it. You must help him raise it up. You must not remain indifferent!” Deuteronomy 22:3 My neighbors ass has fallen in the road with these tolls. We will not ignore it.

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