Killian Parkway and 107th Avenue Traffic Safety Issues

It all started with a letter to the editor of the Miami Herald by Doug Kostowski regarding his eye witness accounts of the many serious traffic accidents at the new MDX re-design of the Killian Parkway overpass.  As you can read below, Doug has witnessed a total of 5 major traffic accidents on Killian Parkway at 107th Avenue(to date, he’s seen a total of 8).   Doug has had his office on the N.E. corner of the intersection for 19 years.  He has witnessed many accidents during that time, but not as many since MDX opened the project to traffic flow on August 1, 2011.  As you read his letter to the Herald you can see that he is very concerned that there may be fatalities as a result of the many confusing changes.

Keeping with our “watchdog” status in the community we want to make all drivers in the area aware of the many new traffic pattern changes on Killian Parkway.  The priority for us is the safety of commuters.

Carlos Garcia,


RollBackTolls.comMiami Herald opinion post by Doug Kostowski about the many new accidents on Killian Parkway.

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