Mayor Gimenez addresses MDX board as board member.

We congratulate Miami-Dade county mayor Carlos Gimenez for taking an active role on the MDX board of directors.   In this video of his first meeting this past February the mayor outlines his goals for his role on the MDX board.

First and foremost we are pleased that moving forward, we the citizens and toll payers will finally have representation from elected county county officials.   The mayor’s participation, along with that of district 3 commissioner, vice-chair Audrey Edmonson will go a long way to changing the tide of “tollation” that has kept our community in the dark by way of un-elected and out of touch directors.

We look forward to having open and candid discussions with with the newly updated MDX board about how to change MDX’s role in providing more non-auto central transit development.   For the good of our community, today and into the future.

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