MDX Board Meeting presentation- Tuesday Jan. 25.

This past Tuesday evening I spoke before the MDX board of directors.  I expressed many of the concerns from the toll paying community that we have heard in these past 6 months.  Specifically from our area of southwest Miami-Dade where many feel they are expected to pay excessively high toll rates compared to other residents in other parts of the county.

Roll Back Tolls speaks before MDX board- Jan. 2011

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I presented our idea of rolling back toll rates and was informed after the meeting that this idea would not be possible because of the repayment structure of the municipal bonds that MDX is committed to paying back.  Well, if we can’t get a fair deal by requesting a roll back to toll rates, then we will work to make sure MDX does not materialize reasons or excuses to increase toll rates beyond the excessively high rates that we are presently paying.

The reality of MDX offering any customer discount would have to come from “non-toll’ revenue sources.  One idea that MDX is considering is selling the naming rights to the highways to generate money that could be used for this purpose.   Actually, this idea could potentially generate millions of dollars for a customer discount program.  We like it.  So it is possible that in the near future the 874 could be re-branded as the “Progressive Insurance Highway” or something like that. This has been talked about for years and I was encouraged to see the board finally make a conclusive decision to initiate action on this idea.

Additionally I was encouraged by the efforts of MDX to work with FDOT(Florida Dept. of Transportation) to bring about MDX’s access to the Sun Pass customer database for better communications with the public.  I voiced our concern that much of the public is not represented at many MDX and FDOT meetings and public workshops.  To which the board took a personal offense.  After my presentation I was verbally reminded that the members of the board are toll payers too.   And that they are volunteer appointees that do not get compensated for their time and efforts with MDX.  I would like to personally apologize to any board member that was offended by my comments.  What I meant to say is that more efforts need to be made to physically get more people from the public to attend MDX and DOT meetings.   And we feel strongly that MDX’s access to the Sun Pass customer e-mail and text message data base would accomplish this.  So DOT and MDX, let’s make this happen before June of this year, please!

In closing I would like to encourage your comments and suggestions.  We are here to listen to all sides and opinions.

Carlos Garcia

Co-chair of public advocate

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9 Responses to MDX Board Meeting presentation- Tuesday Jan. 25.

  1. Jane Walker says:

    Naming rights could be brilliant. “Visual pollution” might be a concern and sensitivity to related issues are important. However, there are many such highways in our country that carry these types of names and there are not always the large advertisements.

    Using data base to communicate about public meetings is a great idea. I would love to be able to get traffic updates on my phone AND information about public meetings. As far as advertising public meetings – I think it is time, in general, for governmental (or quasi-governmental)agencies to push out information through the internet. People are much more attached to their computers and iphones than their printed newspapers.

    Thanks to all who volunteer in the capacity of boards and/activists who are looking at these issues. It is important work.

  2. Betty Callander says:

    Thank you, Carlos, for everything you are doing in our behalf. It’s not often that someone will “go to bat” for us “little people”. You are special!

    • adminboss says:

      Betty, thank you for your kind words. Hopefully soon you can join us at one of the many MDX meetings we plan to attend from now on.

  3. Fernando J Nunez says:

    How about we all get together as tax payers of this county and the rightful owners of these highways and completely stop paying these thiefs? How about that? When one individual does it MDX laughs at it, but if everyone in the community rallies and completely stops payments then we crash the system and break the money hungry fix that these thieves are on. These highways were bought and paid for by our fathers taxes. For us to accept that the idea of roll back is not possible because of payment structure, we are dishonoring the very memory and ideas that built these highways. MDX should have asked us, the rightful owners, if it was OK to sell us out. MDX should have asked OUT LOUD for everyone in the community to have had a say so, not hidden away in some room full of bureaucrats that made it OK to steal our money. Nothing new to this country since we have been sold out to China. It is happening all over and we are sitting idle and doing nothing about it. STOP PAYMENT TO THESE THIEFS calling themselfs MDX. Thank you, Fernando J Nunez

    • adminboss says:


      Since starting Roll Back Tolls we have learned many things about MDX. Mainly that they do not take any tax money for building or maintaining the roads and highways under their control. So we as tax payers really have no say in the argument. Now, you as a toll payer do have a voice. You can join us in being more informed and taking an active position in apposing MDX. If you feel the toll rates are too high, or that MDX is too ambitious with its plans to expand the highway toll system without your input then keep coming back to our website and write your comments or better yet, ideas and suggestions to change or improve MDX. Speak your mind on our Facebook or Twitter pages. Or better yet, show up with us to the board and committee meetings and workshops. This is where we plan to make things happen. If you pay the tolls you have a right to speak up and show up.

      One idea which many people are employing to protest the tolls is to not take the toll roads. I for one have reduce my MDX toll bill by 65% just by taking side road and some back streets. Now, if you don’t pay your toll by plate bill or Sun Pass bill, you will be in for a rude awakening when it comes time to re-new your tag or license. They will eventually get their money.

  4. Rafael Torres says:

    I recently was sent a pay-By-Plate invoice. Toll: $2.50

    Additional fees: $4.35! Is this the great service MDX has in store for us?

    Total for the trip Miami-Homestead; $6.85. More that the fuel I used to get there. I say let’s boycott the pay roads. I’m using US-1 from now on.

    Screw them.

  5. I got a second invoice from MDX after paying them through sunpass on March 25.
    I’m not paying two entities. They are coming up with invoices they say they did not bill for because who knows why. Well I have decided not to pay this invoice and take it to court. I don’t respond well with threats, and that’s what they are doing. My bank statement shows I paid $90 dollars to settle any balance due prior to March 28, of which 40 were for MDX (paid through Sunpass). Now they say this wasn’t the entire amount. Oh Well, I have closed the Sunpass account and I’m not taking the Express way until I settle this matter in court.
    Even though I have paid all this time, because I have no choice; I believe this is immoral, unethical… and I believe that everybody that is pocketing this money which has to be in the Billions is a bunch of mobsters, thieves, corrupted politicians, and honestly feel sorry for the employees of this two organizations who Work and live by collecting money. They don’t work for me, they work against me.
    Besides I can’t belive you call this a productive way to spend time…
    This is not the first time I have closed the Sunpass. If we as citizens unite we can stop them. This matter needs to go on the ballot. We need to take the roads back. I for one would vote against sunpass and MDX.
    We live in a city now where the Traffic Police makes a living out of giving tickets. You can’t even park without worring how long you are going to be, including when the meters don’t work. I had 4 tickets driving during Christmas 2X2 and all four were dismissed, yet, I had to go to waste my time in court to have them dismissed because if not I would have paid 190X3, plus 290 =$860.
    We can’t drive or park without paying tickets in Miamibecausetraffic police is everywhere. Now we can’t take the express way without paying every where they say pretty soon we’ll find tolls on regular streets.
    If we don’t fight back we deserve it. We need the name of the individuals behind MDX and Sunpass, to make sure we do not vote for them or any of their representatives.

  6. Celso says:

    I received two or three MDX toll by plate invoices in the past year and paid them in a timely manner. Now I received where the toll dates go back to 2011. Hoe am I supposed to remember if I went through that toll that far back? When asked “why am I getting the bill now, a year later?” they don’t have an answer. I forgot to pay it and I then received another invoice which it now includes a $5 late fee. Interestingly enough, the picture of the car and license plates are different on the two invoices. I do not remember going through the toll at the listed times and beleive they have pictures of everyone’s plate on file and are randommly scamming people.
    Does anyone know how can I get a judge to hear this?

    • adminboss says:

      So sorry to hear of your troubles with the toll by plate system. Truth is, many thousands of people in Miami-Dade are experiencing these same problems. If it’s a violation from MDX you should all their customer service line and demand that they clear it up for you. They usually are considerate if you have a legitimate problem. You can contact Mario Diaz at MDX via email, and ask him for assistance with your problem.

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