MDX-Make paying tolls fairer for all.

Idea for Rolling Back Toll rates

Idea for Rolling Back Toll rates

One idea that we have presented to MDX (Miami-Dade Expressway Authority) is for them to consider “rolling back” the toll rates on all roads and highways which now use ORT(open road tolling).  The fact is we know MDX is collecting more toll revenue with this ORT system than ever before because it allows them to effectively put a wireless toll collection gantry along any stretch of highway at a fraction of the cost of building traditional contrete toll plazas with employees and a lots of liability.

We believe our idea would be very fair since more people are paying into the system.  So the burden of paying back the MDX bonds is lessened for all.  We understand that they need more money for additional projects and maintenance.  So why not at least split the difference with the toll payers.  If they are collecting 40% more revenue now with ORT, then keep 20% for projects and discount/”roll back” the toll rates by 20% for the users.

This idea may sound radical to MDX, but it sure does make sense for the hardworking people of Miami-Dade county.  Not to mention that businesses would also benefit.

We encourage your opinion on this idea and welcome your suggestions for others.

Carlos Garcia


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