MDX Raising Toll Rates on 836 and 112 – This Is Tollation

new MDX proposed toll rates for 836

MDX is considering options 2 & 4

MDX Proposes higher toll rates by 2014

MDX (Miami-Dade Expressway Authority) held a workshop on October 2, 2012 where they voted unanimously to adapt a new toll rate policy. The centerpiece of this policy is the toll changes planned for the 836.  Currently at 11 cents per mile, a round trip on 836 from the Turnpike to downtown (30 miles) would cost the tollpayer $3.30 per round trip.  If this round trip is made daily that would equal $72.60 per month (based on a 22 day business month) or $871.20 per year.  MDX will attempt to sell alternate plans to the public, one based on 16 cents per mile(option 2 above) and the other based on 17 cents per mile(option 4 above chart).  This roughly 50% increase with either plan, brings the cost to this same daily business commuter to pay between $1300 and $1400 per year just on this one road.  MDX claims that they need to raise an additional $800 million dollar for “much needed projects”.

CPI (Consumer Price Indexing) being added to new toll rates.

MDX also wants to have the ability to tie new toll rates to CPI rates like the Florida Turnpike did recently.  This would allow them to raise toll rates every year based on the CPI.   So toll rates could slowly inch up year after year.

ORT comming to 836 & 112

They also announced their plan to implement ORT (Open Road Tolling) along the full length of 836 and 112, east and west, effectively “closing” their system to non-toll payers. New toll capturing Sun Pass gantries will be place on every on ramp and one new “over the highway” toll gantry will be installed at NW 57th Avenue.

This new ORT system on 836 and 112 will allow MXD to capture tolls from all drives, many of which did not previously pay.  MDX calls this “fairer” tolling.

Don’t Raise Toll Rates, “roll them back”!

Roll Back Tolls stands firmly against any toll rate increase on the commuters of Miami-Dade by MDX.  Just as they did in Kendall on the 874 and 878 roads, ORT already affords MDX greater gross toll revenue(close to a 25% increase on 874/878 since ORT went live in July 2010).  We would suggest that MDX re-visit our original concept of “rolling back” overall toll rates by a percentage of the newly realized revenue.  Lessening the overall financial burden to toll payers.   This is a much “fairer” and “equitable” solution.

In the coming months, MDX will do their best to put a ‘happy face’ on this tollation (tolling without representation) through public meetings.  Happy selling, MDX.

Carlos Garcia, co-chair

Miller Myers, co-chair,

Roll Back Tolls

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One Response to MDX Raising Toll Rates on 836 and 112 – This Is Tollation

  1. Dear Mr. Garcia,

    I would agree with you only on one premise
    WE NEED To get rid of all of them. Once they have them running, they will increase them every time they can.
    As a matter of fact get all your people working on Miami DADE county residents not paying their SUNPASS, and sending them back to MDX, tell them to have them for lunch.
    There is a need for ZERO tollerance to these thieves, tell me if you agree if not I wil lhave to write to other more concerned citizens.

    Thank you for your prompt response.

    Respectfully yours,

    Rafael Compte

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