MDX releases their safety report on Killian Parkway

We attended the MDX(Miami-Dade Expressway Authority) board of directors meeting this past Tuesday, September 27th.  Doug Kostowski and yours truly, spoke before the board with our concerns and ideas to help MDX solve the many accidents that have occurred since they opened the redesigned intersection on August 1, 2011.

Of the 81 accidents that were reported by Miami Dade Police department in the 5 grids surrounding the intersection of Killian Parkway and 107th Avenue, MDX is only claiming 6 were caused by the new traffic patterns.  Specifically, only accidents that occured from drivers wanting to make a right turn from the far left west bound lane onto 107th North.

That’s not a typo folks, 6.  Only 6.  Thank goodness everything is OK!

Please feel free to read over the report and let us know your comments.

MDX “ITSA”  safety report on Killian Parkway

Exhibit “E” SAFE report


AFE report

Carlos Garcia


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