MDX Workshop about roll out of Open Road Tolling on 836 & 112

MDX (Miami-Dade Expressway Authority) is starting to make public it’s plans to implement Open Road Tolling(ORT) on the 836 and 112 expressways.

At this meeting they will be discussing where the ORT gantries will be installed, toll rates and the public  information PR campaign.    Effectively, they will be implementing a similar system as they did on the 874 and 878 in Kendall.  Which means everyone will be paying to use these highways.

Everyone should be paying close attention to this plan as it will affect the majority of commuters in Miami-Dade.  Especially since the 836 is the major East West artery in the county and is the most heavily traveled road on MDX’s system.

We encourage everyone to attend this meeting that uses the 836 and 112 expressways.

The meeting will be Tuesday October 2, at 3 pm at MDX headquarters.

Miami-Dade Expressway Authority
Attention: Maria Luisa Navia Lobo
3790 N.W. 21st Street
Miami, Florida 33142
(305) 637-3277

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