MPO(Metropolitan Planning Organization)- On line survey

Miami Dade transportation plan

Here is your chance to have input on future project improvements and developments in our community.

Never heard of the MPO(Metropolitan Planning Organization)?  Its a county government group tasked with visioning the future of the county’s transportation needs.  

They are looking for public input.  Click on this link to participate in the survey. 

“Miami-Dade’s MPO was established in 1977, under Chapter 163 of the Florida Statures. The MPO guides the transportation planning process in Miami-Dade County and approves all federally required plans for e development of highways, mass transit, and other surface transportation facilities and services in our metropolitan area.”

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2 Responses to MPO(Metropolitan Planning Organization)- On line survey

  1. Another toll hater says:

    Just curious.

    Is it true that folks from palm Beach on up only pay tolls every 20 miles, for much less congested travel, while folks in Miami Dade are payi8ng every 80 blocks for bumper to bumper traffic?

    Is it true that after Miami Dade voters voted for 1/2 penny tax, we have had MORE tolls added on I-95, 836, 874, and the Turnpike?

    Is it true that the excuse that used to be given, the tolls pay for the tollbooth worker’s salaries, is no longer valid, yet the tolls haven’t gone down in price but instead gone UP for many of the folks in Miami-Dade?

  2. nick says:

    I can tell you one thing Don’t pay your mortgage first.
    I did and got nailed for 12 tickets at 25.00 a pop!


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