New Tolls on 874 and 878. It’s Just Wrong!

Welcome to We are a growing group of Miami-Dade residents that oppose the new tolls levied by MDX on the 874 (Don Shula) and 878(Snapper Creek) expressways. Our group seeks to be a point of communication for the residents of South Miami-Dade county who oppose these outrageous new tolls. If you feel that these new tolls are unfair then we invite you to voice your opinion and comments below. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming meetings and news.

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11 Responses to New Tolls on 874 and 878. It’s Just Wrong!

  1. Dale Walker says:

    It’s about time we let our the people we vote into office that we are tired of being ripped off!

    • adminboss says:

      Yes, we are being taken for idiots when a bunch of self appointed people(MDX) decide to toll/tax us and not even give us chance to say anything about it.

  2. Nancy G. Rosenberg says:

    These new MDX tolls have made my otherwise pleasant commute home after work a misery on the 874. And my usual “night out” every Tuesday to Band rehearsal on the UM campus will become “notes out-of-tune” when I travel the Snapper Creek. I resent these tolls!

    • adminboss says:

      Yes Nancy. Many people I talk to also resent these new tolls on 874 and 878. If you ask any representative at MDX about when and how the community was informed, they will be quick to say that several notices were posted in the newspaper and meetings held. If so, they did a terrible job of informing the public that the tolls were coming. I for one found out when I noticed the gantry towers being installed earlier this year. Thank you for your comment. And please tell you friends and neighbors about our effort and web site. We do have a voice in this matter.

  3. Delia Alvarez says:

    This is madness! A previously toll-less portion of 874 now has TWO tolls! So far I’ve been using the toll-by-plate instead of the Sun Pass, and I sure can’t wait for that bill! I’m paying $2 a day for something that until just weeks ago was free. I’m a college student; $2 is a lot of money! It’s the equivalent of paying two tanks of gas in tolls every month!

  4. Lee Zimmerman says:

    I agree with all the above – its about time we stood up to these greedy thieves and decry their taxation without representation – this is NOT the Third World – this is America and we need to show that we will not be taken for fools and abused. Its outrageous – stop the madness – and thanks to all of you for taking a stand!!!

  5. Don Joice says:

    People are making such a big deal out of this issue. If you asked the people who have commented they will most likely tell you that they entered or exited these roads at 104 St or north. You never had the burden of paying any toll. Now that they started the OTR you are required to pay for using any part of the road controled by tolls. Think of the people who live south of 104 St, they should not have been the only people paying the toll.

  6. Carlos G. says:

    Some years ago, they imposed in a ballot to increase the 1/2 a penny and removed the tolls. The voters said not to the 1/2 a penny and keep the tolls. What we have now is the 1/2 a penny extra some how pass and more tolls and we couldn’t voted in a democratic country. The installed tolls, and the expressway are still a parking lot in the morning and in the afternoon. The just expended the money to intsall new tolls without increasing the travel lanes. I am glad someone is doing something. I will be in the meetings because the SR836 is going to be the same ast the SR874 and 878. The people affect are the ones leaving in the south. I will like to know what the politicians are doing about. I think MDX has to be stopped. We already pay taxes to improve the road ways. I don’t think I should pay for tolls in when we are already tax for the road way improvement.

  7. Don McDermott says:

    I don’t like the tolls either but the roadways were constructed and maintained supposedly based on bonds sold by MDX with the bond holders being paid by projected tolls. According to MDX this is their only source of income to build and maintain these two roadways. If this is truly the case, MDX is legally bound to set tolls sufficient to pay the bond holders and maintain the roadways. If no tax monies were used for the construction, then tolls are the only way to pay for the projects. One way or another the cost of construction and maintenance has to be paid. Therefore, I recommend someone investigate the financing of the projects. Who are the bond holders, is the interest rate on the bonds and the salaries of MDX employees appropriate and inline with other bonds & positions? Were the bonds sold on the open market or were they sweatheart deals for selected individuals with deep pockets? Were the board members appointed based on qualifications or as payback for political contributions?

  8. Dausy says:

    Is terrible on 874/ or 878 in less than1/2 a mile they charge twice I need to use the route four times a day to bring my grandaughter toand from school I leave in N. Miami and she is in a special private school in Kendall is really to costing for the citizen the way the economy is now is not fair…….. Regular tolls we have enough now also this one…. Please reconsider everyone will be moving out of Florida or I should say Dae and Broward county ……

  9. alice says:


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