Our meeting with State Representative Carlos Trujillo

Carlos Trujillo State Representative, District 116

Letter about our meeting with Representative Trujillo

We would like to thank representative Trujillo and his office staff for making us feel welcomed and for listening to our concerns about MDX, Miami-Dade Expressway Authority.

At our meeting Miller and I talked about the many things we have learned about MDX since forming RollBackTolls.com this past August.  A lot of which the general toll paying public of this county really need to know and get more involved with.

Some ideas and concerns discussed with representative Trujillo included:

  • Researching the statutes and legislation that actually allowed MDX to be formed in the first place.
  • Our idea of getting MDX to “Roll Back” the toll rates, now that they are collecting anywhere from 20-40% more revenue with the new ORT system on 924, 874, and 878. (and 836 and 112 by 2014)
  • Looking at possible legislative changes that would require all MDX board members to be publicly elected and not appointed.
  • Why MDX is allowed to charge a $3.00 per month processing fee to collect from Toll By Plate users.
  • Our concerns about MDX’s outstanding debt of $2.5 Billion dollars when it manages less than 35 mile of highway/roads.

It is good to know we have an open channel of communication with our state representative, Carlos Trujillo.  We look forward to his help in addressing our concerns and bringing much needed changes to the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority.

Carlos Garcia



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