Our new friends at TransitMiami.com agree: MDX needs to change.

This week we made contact with TransitMiami.com, a group that recently was instrumental in getting FDOT to lower the speed limit on Brickell Avenue in downtown from 40 MPH to 35 MPH.  Additionally they have been successful in demanding that DOT add more crosswalks on this very busy road. Our hats off to this citizen group with very clear goals and long term perspectives for real and viable transportation solutions.

It is good to know that we are not alone is realizing that MDX (Miami Dade Expressway Authority) needs many changes.  First and foremost the board of directors must be changed from appointed to locally elected.  We feel that the present board does not accurately represent the everyday person or small business that is paying the tolls.

We agree with TransitMiami that more needs to be done to implement real mass transit solutions.  Our idea for helping with funding for mass transit would include using the new found revenue that MDX is realizing through the use of O.R.T. (Open Road Technology) and apply that to a fund for the expansion of mass transit.

MDX’s tunnel vision of more and more highways will only keep us addicted to our cars.   We need to tell our dealers(MDX) that we are going to rehab and we’re willing to pay for it only if we can get there on a bus or Metro Rail.

Carlos Garcia



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