Meeting before Miami Dade commissioners about MDX tolls.

We would like to thank Commission Chairman, Dennis C. Moss for allowing us to speak before the full commission on Thursday, November 4th at 9:30 am.

Roll Back Tolls will be bringing our concerns about MDX (Miami Dade Expressway Authority) and ideas for bringing much needed changes to this County “Authority”.  We want to learn why the county commission gave MDX the “authority” to take over State Roads that were previously managed by FDOT(Florida Dept. of Transportation) without any accountability to single toll or taxpaying citizen.

In our short existence we have discovered that many citizens and drivers that use MDX highways do not know who MDX is, how they came to be, in what way the money they collect is being used, why they are being charged higher rates for not having Sun Pass, on and on.

This meeting is just one of many thousands of steps that we will be taking in the months and years to come to bring awareness to our citizens.  But of course we cannot do this alone.  We need you, the person driving to work every day, going through the O.R.T., paying those toll by plate bills,  to get involved and have a say.  At times it may seem hopeless, but that is exactly what MDX is counting on.  For you to say, “I’m too busy to go to meetings”, “they won’t listen to us”, “you can’t fight city hall”.  Nonsense!  If these people want us to fund all their big ideas(many of which are not needed) then they will have to show us a lot more respect.  We will not “just pay and shut up” anymore!

So there you have it.  I’d love to hear from you.

Carlos Garcia,


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2 Responses to Meeting before Miami Dade commissioners about MDX tolls.

  1. Art Breaux says:

    Miami Dade Commissioners: I would think that allowing a road use toll (a highway tax) should be under the auspices of an elected official, since, that would assure taxation with representation. With a 12 hour a day for 6 days a week schedule, it seems that government is designed these days not to hear my voice at a meeting. The only voice I have is in my absentee ballot! Keep in mind the message that many of us sent on November 2nd. Got the message?

    • adminboss says:

      Yes, it is incredible that MDX is allowed to exist and function with little to no oversight from the County. A clear sign of this is the fact that there is not a single link from the website to the MDX web site or visa versa. The Miami Dade commission needs to look into taking back control of this “out of control” and out of touch agency.

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