Lets put an end to “Tollation”, tolling without representation. #tollation

Sign the petition that would require all tolling agencies in Florida to seek voter approval for new tolls and future toll increases.  This petition initiative seeks to get the issue on the November 2016 ballot in Florida.

Just 5 easy steps:

1.  Download the petition by clicking on this link.

2. Print out the petition

3. Fill out the petition.  Please be sure to include your name, address, voter registration number or date of birth, signature and the date your signed the petition.

4. Mail the completed petition to:    PO Box 3051,   Miami, FL  33283

5.  Email your friends and family and encourage them to sign the petition.

Please post on your Facebook and Twitter pages and ask your friends and followers that are Florida registered voters to sign the petition.

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  1. Francesco De Marco says:

    Do you happen to have a web version of the form? I’m sure I can probably get more people to submit their petition if there was a more convenient submission format- like that of an online form. Thanks so much for leading this front!!

    • adminboss says:


      No there is no on line version. This is an official petition that must be printed out, completed my a registered voter and mailed. The on line petitions have no legal standing like this one does. 750,000 signatures are needed.

  2. FD says:

    I want to commend you for doing your part to inform the public! I tried finding a web-based petition form but have not been successful. At this point, I’d like to promote the print out/mail out form, but would like to know the deadline for petition submission. Do you happen to know by when submissions must be mailed out? If you happen to know, could you add this information on this site? I think other viewers would benefit from this as well. Thanks again for caring about your community!

  3. Erik Jordan says:

    Just received a nice letter from MDX charging me 938 dollars for tolls, this is only for a two month period driving back on forward to work! Its plain big government corruption.

  4. william ledesma says:

    I read the article posted where the MDX rep said that most people signing this didn’t even live in the area where the new tolls are being applied . I DONT LIVE IN THE AREA BUT I DRIVE BY IT EVERY DAY for work shopping etc… this money I understand is for the maintenance and expansion but thats exactly why we want transparency if in fact the cost match the demand then whats the problem?

  5. Thank you very much for taking the time for your community. For years we have become doped up with the politicians locally and around our country. It seems that very few politicians have the people’s needs at heart, and unfortunately, we all become so consumed with our personal lives, such as work or family, that is then that the decisions of our community are made and unchecked. We have to be more vigilant of these politicians and vote them out if they are not doing right for the people. Lastly, as an employee for a locally owned company, if you are ever in need of office supplies for less than the big boxes, please contact me at once. It would be my pleasure to work with such a caring individual.

  6. Brandon all for toll says:

    I understand that drivers are upset by the increase in tolls but we wouldn’t need these tolls/roads of mass transit options were better. It’s time to pressure politicians to do what they said with mass transit and increase our options. Now back to the current tolls issue, people who live WEST of 95 are the ones paying the most but they can move closer to where they work. No one needs to depend on their cars the closer they move to the city they work in.

  7. T and I's are the most punished says:

    Tolls for those the use the roads. Don’t want to pay tolls don’t use the roads.
    Easy as that. Who else should pay? Other options are the WEST-> EAST bus routes.

  8. Jane Walker says:

    Ponder this, 95% of MDX debt is inflation-proof. 65 to 70% of your tolls go to pay that debt. Fixed rate debt is inflation proof. MDX plans to inflate your tolls. Time to stop this madness. Sign the petition.

  9. Bob Root says:

    We live in North Florida near Tallahassee and frequently travel to visit my children in Brevard County. Our children make the same trip in the opposite direction. All of us avoid the Orlando tolls and turnpike tolls by using alternate routes, even though it is a little longer distance. Orlando looses food and fuel revenue we generate by their tolls. I think Orlando could greatly reduce road construction by eliminating tolls and keep traffic flowing freely. It is also clear some making comments should study UN Agenda 21 (sustainable development).

  10. Oscar Laureano says:

    Thank you for fighting for all of us, you can count on me, I’m a road warrior and this tolls are killing me, thank you for fighting for us….

  11. Maria says:

    No more high tolls in Miami. I had bad experience when I had to rent a car. My sunpass was in my bag and it didn’t get the sign. They charged me $26.00 one time sunpass.$26.00

  12. Steven j Sikora says:

    Reverse tolls! Take them down

  13. Lourdes Mendez says:


  14. Lourdes Mendez says:


    • Melvia Perez-Garcia says:

      I agree is getting out of hand. As a retire I have to much restrictions avoiding the tolls payments because it too costly for my retirement.

  15. Hughie Nairn says:

    Toll in florida is ridiculous!!!!!

  16. john masi says:

    This is incredible to charge us tolls on roads we have already paid for and pay with gas tax every time we go to the station. Also Dade County has a 5 cent gas tax every time we stop for gas. where can I and my friends sign.

  17. Raul Tiffer says:

    This is a rip off! all these politician are a bunch of crooks! Stop this already!!!! enough is enough!

  18. Ariam Galindo says:

    Is shameful what MDX is doing we have to unite, and put an end to this, we need to fight furiously like Mad Dogs, because the people that we are up against, dont want to loose millions of dollars, and the administrative salaries of all these Vultures.

  19. Thomas Danahy says:

    This toll lane madness needs to stop now! It’s time for smart development, an end to sprawl, and mass transit choices, instead!

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