State Representative Jeanette Nuñez letter to Rick Scott about MDX toll hike.

Thank goodness someone is paying attention to MDX.  We take a lot a satisfaction in knowing that  Roll Back Tolls has played a major role in casting a flood light on this organization.

Florida State Representative Jeanette Nuñez.

Florida State Representative Jeanette Nuñez, district 119.

State representative Jeanette Nuñez and the Dade delegation has stood up and taken notice of the fact that MDX listens to no one.  “Despite unanimous widespread public opposition with over three thousand petitions, dozens of constituent complaints, five local mayors, four county commissioners, one State Senator, and eight State Representatives, including myself, asking MDX to adopt the less costly $0.60 toll gantry, the motion failed on a 7-5 vote on June 18, 2013.”

Representative Nuñez goes on to point out that 4 of the 5 gubernatorial appointments voted for the toll hike on March 19th and again voted to maintain it when given the opportunity for a lower .60 cent option on June 18th.  Most concerning is that Carlos Fernandez-Guzman and Jose Hevia, both Rick Scott appointees, voted for the toll increase and against the lower option.  It is clear that Mr. Fernandez-Guzman and Mr. Hevia don’t share or represent Rick Scott’s vision of low taxes and low user fees.

Seven board members that voted for the hike, aka The Gang of Seven, did not listen to the people.  Not once but twice!  And we ask that Governor Scott take immediate action to replace member Gonzalo Sanabria as his term has expired in March.   He along with the other toll and spend “Gang of Seven” members will have left a legacy of massive debt and an unsustainable future for MDX and the driving public of Miami-Dade.

We agree with Representative Nuñez’s call that MDX board members should be elected and not appointed.  What happened on March 19th and again on June 18th should never be repeated.  Having a fully elected board would be a step in the right direction to end this tollation.  At least we can vote them out if they don’t represent what we the toll payers are asking for and can afford.






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