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It’s Time SunPass Gives Users The Information They Deserve.

  For over three years Roll Back Tolls has lead the charge in asking Sun Pass, the electronic road toll collection agency, to update it’s system to modern standards.   As a high tech  company, they should not have any … Continue reading

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Tollmageddon in Miami

Tollmageddon is HERE!  #tollmageddon Take action! Call your elected official now! Watch CBS4’s Jim Defede confront MDX director on toll hikes. (fast forward to 5 min mark for interview) Just In Time For Christmas  – Less Money For Shopping, More … Continue reading

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Mayor Carlos Gimenez Answers Questions about MDX

Mayor, how come we can’t reach you or talk to you about Miami-Dade Expressway Authority, MDX? Miami-Dade County Mayor, Carlos Gimenez spoke at a Kendall Federation of Homeowners Association (KFHA) meeting on April 24th.  The number one question asked was … Continue reading

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Letters from elected officials against MDX toll increase

  Meet the non-elected MDX directors that voted to impose a 54% toll hike while ignoring request from elected officials including Mayors, County Commissioners, State Representatives and a State Senator.  Oh and over 3000 signatures on our petition against toll … Continue reading

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How far will Governor Rick Scott, FDOT and MDX go with tolls?  As far as they want to.  The latest plan by Robert Poole, transportation adviser to Gov. Scott, is for the state to put tolls on non-expressway roads in … Continue reading

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Sun Pass bait and switch; The “tollation” of Florida drivers continues.

Now that FDOT(Florida Dept of Transportation) has suckered everyone into getting a Sun Pass with the promise of saving money, the Florida senate wants to end the discount benefit to fill the budget short fall.  Drivers may soon be leaned upon to help … Continue reading

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Join RollBackTolls.com and speak up about MDX tolls.

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MPO(Metropolitan Planning Organization)- On line survey

Here is your chance to have input on future project improvements and developments in our community. Never heard of the MPO(Metropolitan Planning Organization)?  Its a county government group tasked with visioning the future of the county’s transportation needs.   They are looking … Continue reading

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MDX-Make paying tolls fairer for all.

Idea for Rolling Back Toll rates One idea that we have presented to MDX (Miami-Dade Expressway Authority) is for them to consider “rolling back” the toll rates on all roads and highways which now use ORT(open road tolling).  The fact … Continue reading

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Bad Singage Misdirects- re-printed from Miami Herald, Dec. 27

On Monday, Dec. 13, I was traveling southbound on the Palmetto Expressway and drove south of Bird Road.  I had to get to Dixie Highway, but unfortunately the expressway signage was poor.  I was forced over to the left, which … Continue reading

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