Tollmageddon in Miami

Tollmageddon is HERE!  #tollmageddon

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call list against MDX toll hike
Tollmageddon on SR 836 in Miami-Dade

Watch CBS4’s Jim Defede confront MDX director on toll hikes. (fast forward to 5 min mark for interview)

Just In Time For Christmas  – Less Money For Shopping, More Money For Big Government Tolling.

New, much higher and more frequent tolls are set to go live November 15 on the Dolphin SR 836 and Airport SR 112 expressways.  Most if not all on and exit ramps will be tolled and new main line tolling points will charge commuters.  A total of seventeen (17!) new tolling points on the Dolphin expressway will allow MDX Miami-Dade Expressway Authority to capture revenue from every single user no matter how short your trip is.

New Toll Rate Charts

How much will the new tolls cost you?  Use the charts below to find out.

new SR 836 toll rates


112 new tolls

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As an example, someone from the Doral or Fountainbluea area that uses the 87th Avenue ramp to work in downtown Miami today pays $1.00 for the round trip.  That same movement will cost a whopping $3.40 starting November 15.  That’s an over 300% increase folks!  That would amount to $68.00 a month just to use the Dolphin Expressway.

Meet the non-elected MDX board members that voted to increase tolls on March 19, 2013.

MDX directors that voted for 54% toll hike

Non-elected MDX directors that voted for 54% toll hike and ignored all elected Mayors, Commissioners, State Representatives and a State Senator.

* It’s worth noting that Board member Robert Holland (appointed to MDX by the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners) phoned in the deciding vote that fateful day on March 19, 2013.   And also note that Mr. Holland did not file his financial disclosure reports,  as required by state statutes, for six years.  Then he claims his former accountant moved to the Turks and Caicos Islands and has his financial records.  Did our board of county commissioners not vet this individual before re-appointing him to MDX?!   The public gives a big vote of no confidence to our commissioners on this one.  Everyone should demand that he be removed from the MDX board immediately.

Watch this video of the actual vote taken March 19, 2013.  At the 35 second mark, note that the vote is tied at 6 against the hike and 6 in favor of the hike.  Then, the secretary ask if Mr. Holland is still on the line, then he states over the phone that he says “yes” in favor of the toll increase.  So the decisive vote was “phoned in”?  How was that even legal and binding?

 This Is Tollation – Out of control tolling without representation

Should we continue to allow non-elected board members to have the power to levy toll hikes without consequences?  Most people are shocked to learn that this is the case with Miami-Dade Expressway Authority’s board of directors.

And when we went to individual commissioners to speak about MDX, the overwhelming response was that they could do nothing.  How could they say such a thing when they as a collective board have the responsibility and power to appoint MDX board members?  And sadly, the majority of county appointees voted in favor the the 54% toll hike March 19, 2013 and again negated a second vote the following June on a small concession of lowering the the main line tolls from .70 cents to .65 cents.

Here is a video of our Mayor, Carlos Gimenez speaking at the Kendall Federation of Homeowners, where he promises Carlos Garcia of Roll Back Tolls that he would organized a meeting with MDX, our group and he and his staff to discuss the tolls.  After numerous calls and emails to the mayors office, no reply at all.

Call Your County Commissioner.

Here is a contact info list for our county commissioners.  Click link to populate list.

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  1. william says:

    Its like they put a toll just before the last exit to return the rental cars at the miami airport. I’ve been zinged before for using the toll transmitter once or twice before, because i had no choice and then you get hit with a back charged convenience fee from the rental company. this last trip i went out of my way, on principle, not to take toll roads and then on the last day of the trip i had to get on the dolphin about 3 tenths of a mile to get to the airport (even though google routed us on “no toll” roads)and i got hit with the toll and then the 22.00 max rental car fee for having to use the toll transponder once during my rental period. its like the toll company and the city have conspired here….

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