Tollmageddon in Miami

836 new toll rates Nov 2014

new SR 836 toll rates

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24 Responses to 836 new toll rates Nov 2014

  1. Leonardo Rodriguez says:

    This is a rip-off, the authority raising the tolls are a bunch of thieves, this is armed robbery. I’ll make sure I don’t use any roads that charge tolls. I’ll rather spend it in gas than in tolls. They should be charged with grand theft.

  2. Jairo Galvis says:

    Enough is enough………….We are getting sick of more tolls and more camaras. We should protest against the lousy politician in Miami.

  3. Iliana Saavedra says:

    Remove the tolls. No more tolls. We need our hard worked money to pay for gasoline and food for our Families!

  4. How come if 836 was built with taxpayer money back in the 60’s, now after a few modifications, we are paying as if it was built from scratch, there was a toll booth on 836, between 27th.ave, and 17th.ave originally that cost 10cents, it worked on both sides, east and west, then after that, only east, now things are worst, who is really paying for all this change….the taxpayer….another hidden tax…..

  5. Rick Gonzalez says:

    I refuse to pay $2.80 to go to and from work everyday, when it used to be $1.25 round trip. I wish my salary increases only grew a fourth of the rate of increase of tolls over the last 10 years, I’d be as happy as a politician(or pig) in a pile of tax payer money…..

  6. rafael compte says:

    THIS IS an outrage and has to be stopped.

    This is what is called complete and utter disregard for people’s livelihood
    WE Need to unite under this cause.
    they have amassed 1 billion in new bonds to be paid, with no end in sight.


  7. rafael compte says:

    WE need to fight this agency once and for all

    NOW not ten years from now when they will have added close to
    900.00 / year out of all residents that drive 836 on a daily basis.


  8. taxiof2 says:

    They are disgusting. The board and the whole MDX needs to go. We don’t need them. All these tolls are for their salaries, pensions, healthcare, bonus etc. lets vote them out!!!

  9. MRey says:

    This is an outrage! thousands of commuters only make minimum wage to have to pay up to the toll thieves daily!
    When one of the questions of the Q&A section of the website was if there would be any new tolls, it did not address the question accordingly only focusing on the promise of new express lanes that would expedite traffic on a project that will not be completed until the END of 2015. I wish our communities’ wise lawyers would see where they failed to inform commuters and start a class action lawsuit. They have been busy constructing the toll gantries to start charging everyone no matter where you take the 836. The traffic is awful as it is now, and to add insult to injury you have to pay more than double the toll? Consumer Reports has been notified on this outrage to get national exposure, hope we all raise enough steam to have this reduced substantially.

  10. Julian Valencia says:


  11. Eloy says:

    Whatever happend to the days when this toll increases would have to be voted on??? This is outrageous in my own case i work at port everglades i take the tolls everymorning my commute would increase from 60 dollars a month to 90 just like that…. more money for them less on my pocket is rediculous this situation with this city just trying to take more money from its residents i95 is a mess with this express lanes this is abusive when are people going to finally stand up to this.

  12. Guillermo Rodriguez says:

    $4.20/day x 20/month x 12 months = $1008 per year. X 3 cars..MDX now gets $3000 of my salary every year after I pay all the Federal, State, and local taxes, permits, etc. Oh, and this is just for the 836. Please add for anytime we use the 112, the Turnpike, the I95 express lanes, and Gratigny. This is so ill conceived it seems criminal.

  13. Niknury says:

    I completely agree with all of you but what is going to get the attention of the politicians? I am sure if the city comes to a screeching halt someone would listen. I heard someone mention that it was being planned but I have not heard anything about it. This would create a big mess in the city with all traffic stopped like when the trucks did it on 836.

  14. Jane Walker says:

    Moving forward, there are things residents need to talk about with our state legislators. Will our locally elected officials advocate for us in Tallahassee and/or with MDX? I hope so. Remember, the Board of County Commissioners appoint several of those MDX directors and your state elected representatives in the Miami-Dade delegation can make statutory changes to MDX to improve how they serve this community and/or limit their ability to incur excessive debt that you will have to pay for with tolls.

    One issue is the upcoming inflationary adjustments that start in 2017. The rationale for this is bogus. There are several MDX directors who agree with what I am saying. This highly controversial policy passed by a narrow margin in 2013 and I remember several directors voicing their opposition. Sunday Javier Rodriguez (the Executive Director of MDX) made several misleading and/or false statements about this. This is unacceptable. We may or may not agree with what Mr. Rodriguez says, but he is a public servant to this community and we deserve to be spoken to in a straightforward manner.

    Call to action: 1. Make sure RollBackTolls.Com has your email. 2. Share this article with five friends.

  15. enrique veliz says:

    Roll back tolls Now!!

  16. Gretel Colombo says:

    Stop the madness. These people are nuts! They are taking advantage of us! Take down the tolls.

  17. Brian says:

    Drive down the 874 or Dolphin west of the Palmetto. Look at how many trees, plants and landscaping there is. It is ridiculous how much there is. This is where our toll money is going to. Why do we need so many trees along the roads? If they took all the money wasted on this overabundance of plants and the money wasted on maintaining them, they could roll back tolls! WASTEFULL!

  18. Jack Blanco says:

    Let’s find out who the elected officials who allowed these one arm bandits into our beautiful city and vote them out. Our local streets are going to be so overwhelmed with traffic and accidents that we are going to need more patrol cars to serve the community. Local roads are not designed to take such a heavy traffic impact and soon we will notice rampant deterioration on our local roads due to the heavy driving -thru in order to avoid ridiculous tolls. This may well be the unintended consequences of allowing this “mafia” to charge us any tolls.

  19. Raul Garcia says:

    Estimado Alcalde Jimenez
    1) Ayudenos en nuestra peticion de echar atras estos nuevos tolls establecidos en el mes de noviembre pasado.
    2) Ayudemos a presionar para que la comision del MDX sea escogida por votacion y no a dedo por un grupo que quiere
    vivir de nuestros dinero.
    3) Ayudenos y nosotros ayudaremos con nuestro voto a todos los miembros de comision de Miami Dade County.

    Recordar que nuestra ciudad es pobre en mayoria y estos nuevos tolls son nuevos impuestos.
    Muchas gracias,
    Raul Garcia y familia.

  20. Marlene says:

    I’ve heard several people complain about this absurd increase in tolls. And yet, there are many that are not even aware of the toll increase. The grass roots organization – Roll Back Tolls has made some noise, but we as a whole HAVE to become LOUDER!! and let it be known that EVERYONE who uses the 836/826 will NOT accept this injustice!

    What will it take?? Demonstrations on 836 (i.e. blocking traffic) to protest this toll increase??

  21. Monica Cedron Zanardi says:

    Our salaries have not increased 54% and since we spend more gas due to the impossible driving conditions on 836 and 826 during rush hours (which extend more and more every day) , I respectfully request the tolls to be rolled back. No new toll plazas added and no increases

  22. Anonimo Rodriguez says:

    lol too late.

  23. Lazaro Gonzalez says:

    This is crazy on the 836 there’s tolls on almost every exit same thing with the 112 and now on i95 it looks like there will be more tolls this is gotten ridiculous and unacceptable instead of hoping us out there just adding more bills to us not far we should be able to protest this or sign a petition something to get rid of all the tolls

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