Tollmageddon in Miami

Call List

call list against MDX toll hike

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3 Responses to Call List

  1. enrique veliz says:

    Roll back tolls NOW!

  2. Monica Cedron Zanardi says:

    Our salaries have not increased 54% and since we spend more gas due to the impossible driving conditions on 836 and 826 during rush hours (which extend more and more every day) , I respectfully request the tolls to be rolled back. No new toll plazas added and no increases.

  3. juan hernandez says:

    We have to stop these increases on the toll roads of miamidade, including the turnpike.
    They are wasting millions of dollars in state of the art walls to protect properties whose owner new were next to a highway at the time they were bought. At the same time the collection practices of MDX are outrageous. They charge an extra 33%when you are late plus other administrative fees totaling over 40% of the original bill

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