Town Hall Meeting with MDX and DOT, Nov. 8th.

Click here to PRINT the flyer!Click here to PRINT the flyer!

Are you outraged at MDX TOLLATION?

Do you know that MDX owns the 836, 112, Gratigny, 874 and 878?

Do you know that by 2014 all these roads will be a closed system?  You will not be able to get on anywhere on these roads and get back off, even 1 exit without paying a toll.

Do you know that MDX does not report to the county or the state, but only to its bondholders?

Do you know that its board of governors are all appointed and not elected?

Are you concerned with the encroachment of MDX into the Palmetto, 826 through the 836 interchange?

Are you aware of the plans to take over the busway next to US1 from Kendall to Florida City and put tolls (US2)?

Do you know that July 17,2010 tolls were put on 878 which never had tolls before?  And, one week later, July 22nd, MDX sold bonds totaling $412 million dollars.

Not outraged yet?  We are! Where does it stop?  It stops right here? Join us November 8th.  Fill the house.  Make noise.  Get involved.  This is your  Join us!!!

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One Response to Town Hall Meeting with MDX and DOT, Nov. 8th.

  1. Omar says:

    It’s about time somebody stand up to these thieves! Does MDX ask the people that pay the tolls about what they think? I have never received a single call or survey questionnaire from them. It seems like they do what they want and don’t care to ask what we think. Somebody is laughing all the way to the bank on these tolls. How can the county let this happen to us?

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