Turnpike Public Outreach Meeting: “A Failure To Communicate”

Proposed SW 104th Street Express Toll Lane Ramp Next to Devon Aire K-8 School & Park.

Devon Aire Paren and Student holding sign against Killian express toll ramp next to school in KendallOn Oct 3rd a meeting was held in Kendall to inform residents about the Turnpike Enterprises plans to “widen” the highway south of Bird Road to Homestead (SW 216th Street).  Specifically, the meeting focused on a new “proposed” SW 104th Street express toll lane ramp on SW 104th Street (Killian Parkway) next to Devon Aire K-8 School and public park. The meeting was well attended with over 190 people present.  Also present were State Representative, Frank Artiles (District 118) and Cutler Bay mayor Edward Mac Dougall.  

Florida Turnpike Enterprise sign at OCt. 3rd meeting in Kendall.The Turnpike representatives gave their prepared presentation and then opened up the floor for public comment and questions. Many area residents, parents and concerned citizens came with the expectation that their questions would be answered.  But most were not.  Particularly noticeable was any effort to answer questions by some of the more informed participants.  At one point when local activist Jane Walker asked a direct question the turnpike representative in charge of the meeting refused to answer her saying Mrs. Walker sounded like a lawyer. Also present was Didi Jimeno, PTSA president at Devon Aire K8 School.  Her questions about student and pedestrian safety were not answered.  Mrs. Jimeno’s concerns are for the safety of school children and parents during the very busy morning drop off and afternoon pick up periods.

Five Things You Can Do to Advocate for your Community:

1.) Join the RollBackTolls.com e-mail list by using the “Join Our Mailing List” app on top right side of this website. We promise not to SPAM you or share your email with others, but we will keep you up to date on this project and others that will affect your traveling costs and quality of life.

2.)  Watch the un-edited videos of the Oct 3 meeting below and post comments on our YouTube channel.

3.)  “Like” us on Facebook, share the FB content and encourage others to do so as well.  https://www.FaceBook.Com/RollBackTolls Florida Turnpike staff checks our page regularly.

4.) Sign the petition if you agree that it is not appropriate to install a ramp near a sports field and K-8 elementary school.

5.) Encourage friends, family and neighbors to join you in these five steps.

I wish to thank Representative Frank Artiles, Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Secretary Ananth Prasad for advocating for another meeting with the Florida Turnpike Enterprise (FTE) and for the FTE representatives that attended the meeting at the Killian Palms Country Club on October 3, 2013.

We are determined to shine a light so that you can more fully understand how the Turnpike Enterprise is failing to communicate with you.

Thank you for being involved in your community.

Carlos Garcia,  RollBackTolls.com

PS Here are links to 2008 and 2013 project studies.

2008 Homestead Extension Florida Turnpike(HEFT) Widening Study

2013 SW 104th Street Traffic Study

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