Welcome To “Roll Back Tolls”- Join us in standing up against excessive tolling by MDX.

Thank you for taking the time to find our website today.

We are a small “grassroots” group of Kendall residents that have “had enough” of out of control and un-fair tolling by MDX (Miami-Dade Expressway Authority).

Join us and make yourself be heard.   Sign up for e-mail list, “LIKE” our Facebook fan page and follow us on Twitter.

Carlos, Miller and Jim.

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6 Responses to Welcome To “Roll Back Tolls”- Join us in standing up against excessive tolling by MDX.

  1. Not a fan anymore says:

    I began following your group a few months back because I was mad about tolls and needed an outlet. I began doing my own research because I didn’t want to blindly follow. Now I’m glad I didn’t actively join. In the last few weeks I found out about several people I know or know of, that have a job because of MDX. A few are construction workers and one is a customer rep working her way through college. I’ve asked for expense reports, budgets and everything has been emailed to me by their office within days. Still waiting for the city to call me back about an unrelated complaint. I support groups that stand up and voice their opinions but maybe its time this group change their focus to the real crooks in our city. I may not like tolls – as a matter of fact I hate them and taxes too – but I really like driving on a road without potholes, really need the ramp they are going to do and after blowing out a tire on the Shula on Christmas Eve, an MDX tow truck driver helped at no charge. Well there is a charge, my toll is being used for that. So this morning I see all 3 of you on US-1 and I thought to myself….they should ask all those ppl in traffic if they’d rather pay a toll and get to work faster? My answer YES! Keep voicing your opinion but let’s focus on the real crooks and not this group just because you now have to pay.

    • adminboss says:

      Sorry to see you go gomezj0126. We will continue to be a point of information for the toll paying community of Miami-Dade. The fact remains that many people in Miami think MDX is Sun Pass. And they know a lot less about how they operate and the very big plans they have to put up toll roads all over the county. They may employee some people for a little while but just look at all the toll collectors that are being fazed out because of O.R.T. We also need to watch MDX’s outstanding debt accumulation, which as of Dec. 7th, 2010 was over, $2.5 billion dollars! Yes, BILLION. When you realize they presently manage/own less than 35 miles of highway, that ends up being over $63 million dollars of debt PER MILE. Does this seem normal to anyone? We just want to make sure it does not end up costing us $10 in tolls to get to and from work everyday. On top of the high gas tax we already pay every time we fill up our tanks.

      More and more highways are not the long term solution to this city’s traffic problems. We also need to be looking at mass transit alternatives.

  2. renee says:

    i received mdx invoices within a month or so after driving from north palm beach florida to miami twice in oct and nov 2010. during the same time i received a sunpass violation which i was expecting because i knew when i passed that toll collection site since i was able to get over in time. not knowing that i could actually be photographed, charged and billed later for driving on roads, ie, why isnt there a tolling site to pay at the time, i figured it was some sort of scam. finally i called the 800 number whereby i was informed the charges started at $.40 each way but, since i ignored the notices with the couple of $10 admin/collection fees, now the bill is $22.40 or i’m scheduled to be reported to a collection agency since its now march2010. WHAT A SCAM!!! why aren’t all the roads down there regulated by DOT through regular tolls and sunpass so drivers know when they are using a service they have to pay for? how’s anyone supposed to know they’ll be charged to ride this expressway, of which i dont even know when i supposedly got onto. looking at their website, looks like they are a well oiled machine with a bunch of executives and administrators likely getting huge salaries but based on the info i read on this site about the actual debt versus the amount of miles they actually control, it sounds like a WASTE!!! I feel bad for the people of miami as well as visitors who get tangled up in this mess unknowingly! who voted for this CRAP!

  3. Another toll hater says:

    I am glad this website exists.

    1. We pay a gas tax for road maintenance and improvement.
    2. The original bond for the “temporary” turnpike tolls was paid off.
    3. Folks voted for another 1/2 cent in taxes in the hopes of toll removal and reduction, and got added tolls on 836 and 874 in response.
    4. Metrorail, originally voted in with the promise of going up to JRS, was promised to get the additional east-west and north stations to make it a valid alternative to the turnpike and toll roads, yet they have added ONE, just one, additional stop for that extra 1/2 cent.

    So, gas taxes went up, tolls went up, AND sales taxes went up, and instead of going from Kendall to Bird at no charge and in a speedy manner, I go slower, pay more, and we don’t even pay for toll workers any more.

    SOMEBODY is pulling in the money, and not delivering on the promises made.

  4. Robert Weber says:

    I received a invoice from MDX earlier this year. I was visiting family on vacation when I noticed that the toll plaza’s were gone on 874 and 836. I was told by some friends that they were not sure how I would pay the tolls but we kinda figured that I would be sent a bill in the mail. About two month’s later I received the bill in the mail and was invoiced for $5.90. The invoice was broken down by tolls and admin. fees, $2.90 in tolls and $3.00 in admin. fees. This seemed unfair to me as I was forced to pay twice as much as someone who lives in Fl.

    Well I try to pay the fine on line and I couldn’t. There were no links taking me to a site to pay. I tried again a few days later and the same thing happens. Not sure if I didn’t have the right operating system on my pc maybe that was the problem. Next I place the invoice on my desk and it fell of my radar until I got another invoice from MDX. This one showed up in mid April the amount now due was $23.90.

    In the end the six tolls that I went through which I had money for at the time have cost me an additional $21.00. It is not the money that is the issue it is the unethical policies that those in South Florida have adopted that will result in me not spending any of my tax dollars down there again.

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