Killian Parkway Express Toll Lane Ramps

Killian Parkway Express Toll Lane Ramp Project

This shows the “proposed” new redesign of the Killian Parkway/ SW 104th Street overpass to allow for on and off access to The Turnpike’s new Express Toll Lanes.

The above graphic shows the Turnpike’s plan to modify the Killian Parkway/SW 104th Street overpass of the Turnpike to allow on and exit ramps for their new Express Toll Lanes Project.  As indicated, this re-design will only provide access to the north bound driver wishing to use the Express Lanes.  This project has already been approved by the MPO (Metropolitan Planning Organization) and is fully funded.  Construction is slated to begin in July of 2014.  Estimated construction cost is $26 million.

This project is part of the Turnpike Enterprise’s larger “Widening” plans and upgrades to the Turnpike.  To view the full presentation provided by Florida’s Turnpike click here to download the PDF.

A public hearing was held on on August 6th which we have heard was lightly attended by the public.

Concerns: Lowered pedestrian safety – Increased traffic to already heavily congested area(new signalized intersection) – Quality of life reduction for surrounding neighborhood, school and public park.

Florida Representative Frank Artiles letter to Florida Turnpike Enterprise and FDOT regarding Killian Parkway ramp

Florida Representative Frank Artiles letter to Florida Turnpike Enterprise and FDOT regarding Killian Parkway ramp

An on-line petition against this ramp project is available here for you to read and sign.

As in the past we wonder why so little public out reach was done.  Yes, newspaper ads buried in the Neighbors section of the Miami Herald and direct mailings to homes within 300 feet of the project are the bare minimum the FDOT guideline demands.  This needs to be updated!  And it should reflect the way people consume information in 2013.  Hardly anyone in the Kendall area knows anything about this Killian Parkway ramp redo.  If the Florida Turnpike Enterprise really wants to inform the toll paying public about it’s plans, it should use the Sun Pass email and text message database to perform a proper outreach campaign.

The people of Kendall are waking up!

The Florida Turnpike Enterprise is holding a public information meeting regarding the Killian Parkway Express Toll Lane Ramp October 3rd at 6 pm.  Location:  Killian Palms Country Club, 9950 SW 104th Street.  We encourage the community to attend and voice opposition to the project.

If you or your homeowners association would like to get involved, please contact us via-email at


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2 Responses to Killian Parkway Express Toll Lane Ramps

  1. JaneMiami says:

    The meeting was very disappointing. The FTE systematically discriminated in answering the questions of those in the audience who appeared to be more informed. There are many unanswered questions. Being one of those who is informed, I also will say that many of their answers were evasive or somewhat misleading.

    I am offended that they did not measure vehicular and pedestrian traffic during school hours. I am disappointed in the push poll survey. I do not understand why they did not include accident projections for the extra intersection that will be created at the top of the overpass. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I have many questions about the project AND the process of vetting this project.

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